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We're on our *cough* holidays!

cryptocurrency traders south africa Ok, the holiday story was bullshit. We're lying to you. As anyone with half a brain noticed, even Larry Ellison doesn't take a 6 month holiday. Thats slightly embarrassing for us. However, we have a way to cover up our screwup, er, explain what the problem is... Read on to the news below :)

Meanwhile, if you're missing us, or just joined us late, why not take this opportunity to relive those previous broadcasts with a trip to the archives!

Archives. Right here :)


[ 08-10-01 ] Todays Newz    "yes yes we are still here, just very very lazy."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Ok ok enough already guys! My IRC client and inbox has been stressed under the sheer number of requests to bring the HaVoK show back. People like Zeroic have been sending us emails like this crazy one! So, I thought I should at least explain whats going on. Firstly, I'm really really really busy with work and RL stuff. Secondly my commitments are off the scale - I've got stacks of stuff to do for other scene projects such as the DOG. Thirdly, I'm attempting to learn how to code. Fourthly, I'm doing the thirdly thing very badly. Fifthly I'm trying to get the HaVoK.TV streamed video thing off the ground. That would have been up and running already if my DV camera hadn't have b0rked itself. Lastly, most of the other HaVoK management, the guys that help me create the shows you hear, have RL commitments. Clary & Fury have been really busy going between .fr and .ch, Sulphur got a job coding GBA stuff, Makke only just got his 'net access back, Adok is working on Hugi, Stefan is moving about due to work etc. So it's all quite tough. I do want to give Solorize a special mention here, cause he has put in some real shit hot work into the HaVoK Handbook, which is gonna look stunning.

Anyway, the final result is that never fear, we will return. It's just a matter of time. Plus you know we just 0wn Nectarine's ass ;) But if you want us to get back on the air sooner, you know what to do - email us and pledge your support. All you need is a microphone, a copy of CoolEdit and 15 free minutes. All the details are right here.


[ 28-06-01 ] Todays Newz    "Oops we broke it again..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- RVO has pointed out that some of our archives are a bit up the creek. We know ;) He just likes to harass me! Anyway, the situation is, all but 3 archives are online and working properly. The remaining 3 will go back online just as soon as I can be arsed to move some files around. So meanwhile, be patient. Oh, and RVO - stop bugging me :P


[ 24-06-01 ] Todays Newz    "Packing our stuff..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Yet another crazy show, courtesy of Mr Tickle managing to put me off my flow every 2 minutes :) It was a great return by the Darkage coder, and if you missed the live show, come check it out right here. The next show is, however, going to be our last before we break for the summer - there will be more news on that posted here & all the usual Scene news areas. Don't miss it!


[ 10-06-01 ] Todays Newz    "Short and sweet. Well, short..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- invest in Binance Coin Well we had a great show yesterday, peaking at a massive 43 individual listeners. The dual streams seem to have gone down really well, with a fairly even split between the 2 streams. We had about 10 more people on the higher bandwidth stream, so I might consider running a 96k stream too - we'll just have to see! Anway, thats all the news for now - respect to our fans for sticking with us, and if you haven't heard a live show yet then you don't know what you're missing! The next show will be a good one to start - Mr Tickle's in the house :)


[ 08-06-01 ] Todays Newz    "Back once again..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Bad news and good news! As you may have noticed, we've been offline for a week due to the stupidity of our old hosts! There will be more on that soon. Anyway, the good news is we are now back online and 100% working, courtesy of, the greatest scene resource!

Yet more good news - as I promised for so long, I've fixed the dual streams, so you now have your choice of a 24k mono stream for dialup listeners, or a larger 48k stereo stream for the bigger pipes! Enjoy the show tomorrow, guys, we're back and as hot as ever!


[ 24-05-01 ] Todays Newz    "The doctor is in the house..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Today I am pleased to announce our official partnership with the Escape2001 team! As always, we will be sending a highly trained, expertly professional team (wot, from our lot? heheh) over to Switzerland to bring you all the latest & greatest from this kewl scene party. Because of that, we have delayed the next broadcast by a week so we can get everything sorted out!

Some more great news for you radio fans. Remember Mr Tickle? He's coming back, and this time it's personal! Yep, Mr Tickle will be making his encore here on the HaVoK in 2 shows time, thats the 23rd June. Make a note in your calendars guys & girls, you won't want to miss it :) Did you miss our last show with Mr T? Check it out here...


[ 09-05-01 ] Todays Newz    "The doctor is in the house..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- buy Binance Coin Ok, 2 bits of news for you today! Firstly, thanks to Mr Tickle, the archives truly are 100% back online :) Unfortunately we have a bit of a complicated system stretched across 2 hosts, so I uploaded the wrong links to the wrong site - dOH! Anyway, thats all working!

Nextly, the doctor is in the house! Yes, we are proud to welcome Stefan^Cryonics to the HaVoK team, who will be providing answers to those burning love questions you sceners have! He'll give you solutions to those tough problems like "I've fallen in love with double buffering, what can I do?" - and for an answer, all you need to do is email your problem to him here. He'll provide the answers in every show! Get mailing, freakz ;)


[ 06-05-01 ] Todays Newz    "Reading? But this is radio!."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Just a brief news item today. With many thanks to Adok^Hugi, the first transcript of the Mekka interviews has been put online. Just for you Adok has put the entire Neuroup^Addict interview to .txt - there is a lot of good info in there, so if you didn't catch everything in the audiofiles, this is the place to go. Hopefully we'll be putting more of these transcripts online soon!


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