Картинки по запросу Hacker

Today, every person seems to be excited because the world has been reduced to a global village thanks to the internet. We have to thank the smart brains that worked so hard to see this happen. However, nothing seems to be perfect in this world, not even sacred texts (at least scholars of religion talk of the error in the bible). Yes, the internet inventors did their work with good intentions, but whether they knew that their invention would have loopholes for hacking, your guess is as good as ours. To this end, one thing is clear: the internet is vulnerable, and thehavok.co.uk is here to assert this claim. Our website contains content on matters hacking. Here, you will learn the following:

  • Cyber security tips
  • Tools for site hacking
  • How to become a hacker
  • Famous hackers in history
  • Online casino hacking

Hacker Broken Down

The term “hacker” has won a bad reputation in the internet world. It sums up all computer users with bad intentions: defrauding corporations, harassing people, stealing information, destroying the economy, etc. However, hackers with malicious intentions are only but a fraction of the hacker demographic. There are good hackers out there too who help the internet users and big companies to fortify their cyber security. At least this gives the term a positive connotation. According to Keren Elazari, a cyber security expert, hackers make the internet better because the users strive to come up with new security measures every time hackers release a threat. As they say, there wouldn’t be light if it wasn’t for darkness- this is a truism.