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Tha HaVoK free net radio station is a broadcast set up to transmit pure information about anything & everything technical. We don't broadcast music, and we don't broadcast for beginners. To appreciate this station, the only things you need are a pair of ears & an open mind. You don't have to be a scener, a hacker or a coder, you don't even need to know what they are.

The HaVoK is a collection of technology and services provided for the scene & those interested in it. The Havok is run by people who have been on the true scene for a long time, and who want to see it live on. This is why the HaVoK will never charge for it's services, or deliberately set out for financial gain from them.

As we make no gain from these services, we are not biased to any one person, company or affiliation. This means that the information you receive is unedited, uncensored and as complete as we can make it. You can rely on the HaVoK to provide the goods.

Check out some of the Love we get sent from other sceners!

We have worked and continue to work with some of the biggest groups & orgs on the scene today:

Iris - Scoopex - Drifters - Darkage - DCS - Back2Roots - Faith - TRSI - Faction - Hellfire - Hugi - Moods - - LESS Music - Mono211- SIGGRAPH & D.O.G

CFXWeb - Showtime - Devotion - Nuance - Addict - Modplug - MekkaSymposium

and more individuals than we have room to mention.

We have no backers, therefore the users - you! - are the only thing that keeps the HaVoK running. You trust us to deliver, and if we loose your trust, we loose you. Then the HaVoK starts to die. That is why you have the HaVoK promise. That promise garantees you the following:

1. We will NEVER pass on ANY information about you to any other companies. Therefore, if you submit your email address to us, you can be assured you won't be getting mail from lameass p0rn companies because of it.

2. We will provide you with correct, unbiased information. If we do not, and it is brought to our attention, we will sort it out either by a followup broadcast, or something just as effective. We do not hide mistakes.

3. We run a full disclosure policy - as soon as we get information, we will release it. We do not bend to Microsloth or other companies.

4. We do not refuse submissions to the station because we don't agree with them.

What more can you want, eh :) If you want to know more, then you know what I'm going to say - contact us!




Rage, rage against the dying of the light...


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