5th May 2001 - Issue #1

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In association with The HavoK Scene Radio.

Manowar Leaves CFXweb Team

This is very bad news not only for cfxweb.net but for all our readers, Davide Mauri aka. Manowar has decided to leave cfxweb.net due to a demanding job! Davide did a great job with our Java pages and organised the competitions we held. Both the Java section and compos are very popular and we're looking for someone to continue the role! So if you're a fan of Java and the demo-scene, this is an ideal opportunity to continue building our vast resource of Java knowledge! You will not need a lot of time to maintain the section and have the freedom to help make it grow! so if you got what it takes and want to manage the most popular section on our site, then please email us at: cfxweb@cfxweb.net. We look forward to welcoming you. :-)

New 2d Game Programming Tutorial

Patrick Kooman has written yet another fantastic tutorial, this time entitled: "Dealing with bitmaps under Windows", to download the tutorial and example source, surf on over to www.2dgame.nl, this is fast becoming a good resource for anyone wanting to develop a 2d game. Don't forget, for those starting out, the same techniques apply to demos! which is why you'll see a lot of game programming news on the show in the forth-coming weeks.

UPX Version 1.08

A new release of the defacto win32 executable packer, a must for all 64K intro coders out there, you may download it at the relocated site, http://upx.sourceforge.net. Don't forget, this fine program is also open-source!

Python takes a bite out of the games industry

Familar with the programming language Python? ever think you could write a game in it? This guy has, Pete Shinners has released the game SolarWolf and its source code. It's written using the PyGame framework, which allows you to access fast bitmapped graphics, quite similar to DirectDraw. Check it out, http://shredwheat.zopesite.com/solarwolf

GDC 2001 Conference Update

Miss the GDC 2001 Conference? Don't worry, help is at hand.. you can now download all of the proceedings from http://www.gdconf.com/archives/proceedings/2001/homepage.htm, topics range from programming, level design, music and even the business side of the industry. Any demo groups wanting to make their way into the games industry must check this stuff out.

FMOD has a change of face

www.fmod.org has had a complete overhaul, new design, new version of the sound-system, and for the intro coders, a new version of Mini-FMOD. Questions can be posted on the brand spanking new forum. Go on, go make some noise!

Crest has a new home on the web

Crest, the demo-scener with a passion has announced a change of URL, you can now found his homepage at http://crest.untergrund.net, you'll find his Party Reports, his favourite intros, and pictures from his trip to New Zealand! If you love demos, talk to this guy.. really! :-)

Two Headed Squirrel is back!!

This is excellent news, I loved this site and pleased its back! for those who don't know what it is, its a demo review site with screenshots of all the latest demos. Lets hope the guys keep it updated. Well done. The URL before I forget! http://ths.demoscene.org. Fingers crossed.. maybe someday, demoscene.org will make a come back.

New Issue of PAiN released

A quicky from Unlock, the latest issue is available for download, which was released at the end of last month, but for those who missed it, go download it from http://pain.planet-d.net/archive/01/pain0401.zip. If you want to grab previous issues, check out their homepage: http://pain.planet-d.net. And remember, You can feel it, smell it and see PAiN in your eyes. :-)

Durantro Source by Jare / Iguana

Javier Arevalo, which some of you remember as Jare / Iguana, has released the source code to his intro Durantro. Download it from http://www.terra.es/personal3/jare70/files/Durantro_src.zip. If you want to grab the original intro, you may download it from: http://www.terra.es/personal3/jare70/files/Durantro.zip. The intro uses DirectX 8.0.

Art by farbrausch & scoopex

While we're talking about intro sources, Art by farbrausch & scoopex has not only released a final version of their 64K intro that came 1st at Mekka Symposium, they've released the complete source code! Surf on over to http://www.farb-rausch.com for the goodies.

Yet more intro source code!?

Industry have released the source code to one of their 68K Amiga productions, not often this happens.. so if you're into the amiga and looking to code an intro, be sure to check out this source.. http://www.indus3.org.

nectarine is back!

If you don't know it by now or defbase hasn't already mentioned it, nectarine is indeed back! http://nectarine.ojuice.net for 100% scene goodness, but please.. don't go and listen til AFTER the show, okay? ;-)

If you have any news you wish to share with the scene, email sulphur at: sulphur@ukscene.org