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[ 19/05/01 ] The love doctor is in the house ;)
Is there a doctor in the house? Well there is now! Stefan^Cryonics takes up his position of the official lovedoctor for the scene, and brings us an ultra-kewl show. Check it out, if nothing else. Also, we talk to Makke live on the air just before he is dispatched to the farthest reaches of the amazon (jungle, not .com) to find that demoscene spirit everyone's been talking about! Add to that some top quality music from Randall^Suburban Bass, Paniq and Elwood, and all the usual news, discussion & laughs, and you're left with a great show. Enjoy it ;)

Resources used in this weeks show:
Musice from Greenroom
Reed's Workbench on the web
Epidemic Party
TP'99 WildCompo winner from HybrisNemesis
Elwood tracks
MAME Rom Archive

Todays show - Playlist (first at the top)

As always, the MP3 of the entire show has about 40secs of blank space at the start

The entire show (2hr 3mins, 15meg RealAudio file. 28k8 modem comaptible)  [ Download ]  [ Stream ]
The entire show (2hr3mins, 21meg
MP3 file. 128k ISDN comaptible)  [ Download ]  [ Stream ]


1: dEF bASE gives you the usual intro crap!
[ MP3: Download/Stream ][ RA: Download/Stream ]

2: Clary & Fury - BBS scene & FTP's
[ MP3: Download/Stream ][ RA: Download/Stream ]

3: Stefan^Cryonics - The LoveDoctor
[ MP3: Download/Stream ][ RA: Download/Stream ]

4: Makke's final words before leaving on his expedition!
[ MP3: Download/Stream ][ RA: Download/Stream ]

5: dEF bASE gives you the technical news, and tells you about the plans for Mekka
[ MP3: Download/Stream ][ RA: Download/Stream ]

6: Toast.mp3 :)
[ MP3: Download/Stream ]



Listening to the RealMedia stream requires Realplayer (or compatible), the MP3 requires WinAmp (or compatible). The MP3 stream is high bandwidth - high quality. < 256k connections please use the RealMedia stream. > 256k can use the MP3 stream.









The broadcasts have been archived in realmedia and mp3 format. You may stream them direct from the servers, or download & play locally.

Note that the quality of the MP3 stream is far better than the RealMedia stream, but it's also 10 times larger. Therefore, if you are on a 28.8/56k modem, your bandwidth will only support the RealMedia stream. 128k+ lines (ISDN & up) should be ok streaming the MP3.

Quality of the RealMedia stream is affected by your soundcard quality - crap soundcard = crap stream. If the RealMedia stream sounds tinny & very lossy/full of treble, then use the MP3 stream.

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