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[ 19/12/00 ] The first show...

This is the first broadcast for the station. Not actually broadcast live, it was created to be streamed from the website, so people could get a feel for the station.You'll have to wait for the shows for more...

dEF bASE tells you what the station is all about, and some of what to expect, as well as explaining how to get yourself on the show and having a bitch about the equipment!

Listening to the RealMedia stream requires Realplayer (or compatible), the MP3 requires WinAmp (or compatible). The MP3 stream is high bandwidth - high quality. < 256k connections please use the RealMedia stream. > 256k can use the MP3 stream.

Click here to stream the RealMedia direct to your system (immediate play)
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The broadcasts have been archived in realmedia and mp3 format. You may stream them direct from the servers, or download & play locally.

Note that the quality of the MP3 stream is far better than the RealMedia stream, but it's also 10 times larger. Therefore, if you are on a 28.8/56k modem, your bandwidth will only support the RealMedia stream. 128k+ lines (ISDN & up) should be ok streaming the MP3.

Quality of the RealMedia stream is affected by your soundcard quality - crap soundcard = crap stream. If the RealMedia stream sounds tinny & very lossy/full of treble, then use the MP3 stream.

Problems listening to the broadcasts? Contact Us...