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This is a transcript of the Neuroup^Addict interview done at Mekka Symposium 2001. Just for all you who want the info but didn't catch everything in the audiofiles! Respect to the HaVoK's Adok for the transcript!


Clary: Hello, here is Clary, and...

Fury: Fury.

Clary: And here we have a special guest, that is...

Neuroup: Neuroup of Addict.

Clary: (laughing) Can you introduce yourself a bit?

Neuroup: I come from Poland and I'm the main organizer of Addict and the main editor of Planet.

Clary: Oh! Planet! ... Is it a diskmag?

Neuroup: Yes. Planet is the chartsmagazine on PC. Now we're releasing the third issue at Mekka, and we have about 120 votes.

Clary: Oh! (laughing) That's really wonderful! ... How many times are you releasing new issues of the Planet magazine?

Neuroup: You know, the most important thing for a chartsmag is the number of votes. And when we have lots of votes, we can start finishing the mag.

Clary: OK. And the people who are voting: are they from Poland or is it more international?

Neuroup: In the first two issues of Planet 80% of the votes came from Poland. But now Yes of Orange Juice is helping us and now Planet is an international mag.

Clary: And how many things do you cover in your magazine? I mean, is it just a chart or are there also interviews, etc.?

Neuroup: No. Best group, best coder, best musician, best sex accessory, best sex position, best game, best drink, best book... and we have results of parties, we have news, we have links, we have photo reports - everything we have. But this is a chartsmag. Not a magazine with charts - this is only a chartsmag. And there are no articles.

Clary: What group do you like the most?

Neuroup: Exceed from Hungary.

Clary: From Hungary! And you are from Poland?

Neuroup: Yes. And I don't like Haujobb.

Clary: You don't like Haujobb! (laughing) My God! ... So, let's return to your magazine. Tell me: Does this new issue have a new design or is it the same as in the two first issues?

Neuroup: No, because now Yes of Orange Juice is helping us, and the cover and panel have been made following the design of Orange Juice. You know, we have a begin cover, menu cover and so on, and some music in our chartsmag. I don't think that the most important thing about a chartsmag is the design. I think it's the charts. And charts are very important, because the sceners must know what and who is the best in the scene!

Clary: OK, but the design looks a bit like an old Amiga magazine. Did you do this on purpose?

Neuroup: Hm. You know, for me the best chartsmag was Eurochart for the Amiga. But our graphician made the panel on PC. You may, however, think it's like Amiga, since it's only 256 colours.

Clary: Who made the music?

Neuroup: The music was made by people from my group, Addict.

Fury: Is your magazine only for PC or are there also voters from the Amiga scene?

Neuroup: It's PC-based, but I have two votes from Amiga users. If you use an Amiga, you can send your votes to Eurochart; we have done it on PC.

Fury: So you want to be for PC what Eurochart is for the Amiga? Or do you want to do it together, do you want to make a co-operation?

Neuroup: Yeah, together: charts from Amiga will be in Planet, and charts from Planet will be in Amiga magazines.

Clary: That's a nice idea. I saw you running the mag on PC, so it's normal that you don't have many Amiga users among the voters.

Neuroup: I was an Amiga user. I had this computer, and I organized an Amiga show in Warsaw in 1998.

Clary: Did you have many visitors? Did they have an international background or were there only Polish people?

Neuroup: Only Polish people. We had about 2000 visitors. Poland has about 20000 Amiga users.

Clary: Really? It's really a lot.

Neuroup: But we have 40 million people in Poland. That's also a lot.

Clary: What do you think about this party (Mekka & Symposium 2001)?

Neuroup: There are about 2000 people and I know about 20. I was at Antiq in Hungary, 100 people but I knew everyone. Look, no one has ID cards. No one shows who he is. At Polish and other parties there are ID cards and you know who's who.

Clary: Do you think that the atmosphere here is cool? I mean, if you've been to The Party in Denmark, you know that there are only gamers. But here you can actually talk to the people.

Neuroup: You're right, but: Everyone is coming to Mekka, everyone from Scandinavia, France and Germany is coming to The Party, but no one wants to go to Polish, Czech or Hungarian parties.

Clary: But you know, it's really far. For French people, even Mekka is very far. Then imagine: How far is Poland for us?

Neuroup: 500 kilometers from the left or the right, what's the difference. You can take a plane and go to Poland.

Clary: Do you have a website about Planet or your group?

Neuroup: addict.scene.pl

Clary: OK, and do you want to greet some people you like?

Neuroup: Yes. I want to greet my grandmother and my grandfather.

Fury: I hope they can listen to The Havok Scene Radio.

Neuroup: They also have Internet.

Clary: Great! See you soon.


-- Transcript by Adok / Hugi Core & Royal Family