Online casinos provide an opportunity to win big for both the owners and players. However, there are many “malevolent spirits” working hard out there to bring the business (online casinos) to a halt.Картинки по запросу Cyber Security casino

British Online Casino Attacked

The late 2013 will forever be remembered by one businessman (online casino boss) in the Great Britain who faced blackmail from two Polish hackers: Petr Smirnov and Patrik Surmachki aged 31 and 35 respectively. On one occasion, they contacted the businessman and demanded half of the total shares of his firm, thought to be approximately £30 million- we are talking of a big casino here that could be compared to redbet today. In their ultimatum, they made it clear that they would terminate the server of the casino if their demand was not met. The casino boss did not meet the demand, and four days later, the hackers made an attempt to compromise the casino’s server in the United States.

After a successful petition by the site owner, the court declared Petr Smirnov and Patrik Surmachki guilty, sentencing them to a five-year imprisonment each. The story was even more interesting when it was established that the two hackers were known to the casino owner for a whopping four-year period. Little did the businessman know that his “friends” were examining his casino’s server for loopholes.

Bottom Line

It shouldn’t go without saying that hacking into online casinos is not the same as cheating. While cheating may involve such things as collusion among players and flouting the casino game rules to gain an unfair advantage over the house, hacking is a completely different phenomenon. It involves bypassing the encryption measures of the casino in order to access unauthorised sections of the site using some software. If you’re an online casino operator, you better put the necessary security measures in place because no site is immune to hacking.