When it comes to hacking, no business is “not adequately important” to be a victim. Whether big or small, every organisation is a target for cyber threats as long as it has data (emails, passwords, etc.). Therefore, it is important to be aware of your malware threats and put precautionary measures in place. Use the following tips to secure what you can- you just have to do your best because your data is never 1Картинки по запросу Top Security Hackers00 percent immune.

Frequent Data Backup

To ensure your data is intact in the event of a malware attack, you will need to establish a thorough backup regime characterised by frequent data backup. The regime should also involve storing your data in multiple places, both online and offline. Regular testing to ensure that such places (all or some) are not accessible by malwares is important.

Going Big on Passwords

Strong passwords add massive security to your data. Your passwords should be long and possibly contain letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and special characters. Choose passwords that people least expect, and never share them unless it is absolutely necessary. You can take advantage of the Two-Factor Authentication to lower the risks that come with poor password options. Additionally, change your passwords frequently- there are eyes around you always.

Controlling Removable Media

Removable media include external hard drives, Smartphone, flash drives, among other devices. These devices can act as malware carriers. You need to implement a policy that controls access to these devices. Before opening each device on your computer, it should be scanned for any malware. If you see it fit for your system security, you can completely disable removable media.

Limiting Employee Privileges

Giving your employees too much freedom can be detrimental to your business. It is safe to allow them to access only the information necessary for business operation. Whenever any employee quits your organisation, be sure to deny them any login details previously assigned to them.