Until recently, computer hacking was associated with a single connotation: negative. Despite the dark past, computer hacking has made its name as an attractive art today. In fact, many computer users desire to master the art. However, the road to becoming a hacker may not be a smooth one. As an aspiring hacker, you will need to learn a myriad of tricks. Here are a few of them:

C Means Coding

Knowing the C language is essential if you want to be a super hacker. The language is used to encrypt many operating systems, including Linux. This makes it more important than other programming languages when it comes to mastering the art of hacking. The fact that C is easy to learn is a plus.

P for Programming

The best hackers always have something extra that average hackers don’t have: mastery of other programming languages on top of coding. To stretch your scope in hacking, you need to possess a decent command of JAVA, Python, C++, among other languages. You can utilise online tutorials to learn these languages the easy way. EBooks are also a good resource.

N for NetКартинки по запросу N for Networkingworking

Networking is very essential for hacking. Besides being a networking wizard, it is good to master the basics of creating networks. You should also understand how operating systems differ from one another. Understanding UDP, IP or TCP, and other related concepts will be important in exploiting system loopholes before intrusion. Other important concepts to grasp include VPN and WAN. It is also a plus to know various Firewall types.

OS for Operating System

To be a good hacker, having knowledge of a single OS is not enough. In addition to knowing Linux (arguably the most important in hacking), you should master as many other operating systems as possible. Remember, hacking is like gambling- you just don’t know the operating system you will hack into.