It goes without saying that hacking is a discipline that entails lots of IT skills. Of course, you may not master all the skills, but some of them are so basic that they are almost synonymous with the discipline itself. AКартинки по запросу Hacker: Skills Neededll you need to be an expert hacker is learn as many of these skills as possible. They include basic computer skills, networking skills, virtualization, Linux skills, scripting, forensics, database skills, reverse engineering, and cryptography. Creative thinking, persistence, problem solving, and other intangible skills also play a big role. Let’s discuss some.

Basic Computer Skills

Hacking is all about dealing with computers. By saying basic computer skills, we don’t mean just creating a word document or a folder. You should go the extra mile and learn how to use the Windows command line and set up the parameters of networking. The ability to edit the registry is also an important skill.


As a hacker, you will need to test your hacks in a virtual environment before allowing them to go live. Testing provides the basis for refining them to ensure they are effective during real intrusions. Hence, you must master how to use VMWare Workstation, VirtualBox, or any other virtualisation software.


You should be able to create your own tools for hacking. Failure to do so forces you to use tools of other hackers, imposing a limit on your effectiveness. Remember, every time site administrators develop a new defence, the existing tools become ineffective. Coming up with your own unique tools will help you to stay on top of the game. This is why scripting skills are crucial.

Database Skills

These are a necessity if you want to hack database systems. They provide you with an understanding of how databases work. Mastery of SQL language and DBMSs (Oracle, SQL Server, etc) are some of most important database skills that you should master as a hacker.