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We receive loads of great messages of support, reviews and mentions in all kinds of places. So, this page has been opened to recognise just a few of the people that support us - without our listeners there would be no radio!

[ Zyx^ A51 ]
Major respects go to dEF_bASE, Clary, Fury and the whole of the crew at The Havok Free Scene Radio. Personally, I think Havokradio is one of the most innovative and positive services to be launched from the scene in a long time. It is usually broadcast bi-weekly on Saturday afternoons between 4:30 and 6:30pm, and I would advise EVERYONE with an interest in the scene to give it a listen. There are archives of previous shows on The Havok's site for anyone wanting a taster, but you really have to listen live for the best effect! Greetings to everyone that was on EFnet / #havokradio yesterday afternoon...... It was just insane! But, please guys!! No more shaven asses!! It's just toooooo much!! ;))

[ Raven^Nuance ]
Keep on the great work with Havok!

[ Devistator^Neo ]
Hello there, Just thought id drop an email to you to say that I thought the last broadcast was quality mate, i dont know why i enjoyed it so much really, it just brought back so many nostalgic memories from the good old amiga days and good to see that they havent been forgotten... its even made me start up my good old faithfull A1200 yet again after years of standing around doing nothing! Good to hear whats going on in the scene, these days I dont get much time these days to tune in to the happenings on the scene! Its good that the broadcast wasnt full of commercial stuff, more scene stuff!

[ Moondevil ]
I am listening the archives of your broadcast and I must say that the show was great ! Just keep the good work.

[ Rawhed ]
I just listed to ur first show hhe, very cool indeedy!! And you do sound australian(after a while) hehe, weird :) keep cool man... Rawhed

[ Orson^Hellfire ]
this is class. I've always thought about making my own radio station also, but do't really have the bandwidth to do it. Say do you stream from your cable modem or from a much faster server ? You name it, interview, mix, etc etc i'll send it to you. Oh and i want your BBS back :)

[ Steve^TRSI ]
just listened to your show from mekka2001 ;-) very nice :) keep up the great work !

[ Zeroic^Details ]
Hey, didn't you note.. that white thing.. yes.. on the ground.. what you called it..? Snow? Yes! Snow! And you folks are on summer break? Hey come on ;) We are missing you and.. well _I_ am missing you on my saturday-evening! Heck, I threw my girlfriend away so I could spend my Saturdays listening to HaVoK, and now I'm confused.. I gambled and I lost both? :D BLS. Please please do make a special summer-special with atleast 6 hours in length and and and come baaaaack!




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