Although hacking is mostly associated with a negative connotation, not every hacker is a bad one. “White-hat hackers” is the name given to good hackers. On the flip side of the coin are the bad hackers, also known as “black-hat hackers.” This category of hackers is known to be very dangerous and harmful, and history seems to be in support of this claim. Two of them are here:

Jonathan James

Having began thКартинки по запросу jonathan jamese art of hacking at a tender age, James was found on the wrong side of the law when he was accused of hacking into not just one but several government and commercial networks. As a result, he met the worst (imprisonment) as a minor. As if what he did in his childhood was not enough, James would later hack NASA network. For three weeks, NASA suspended its network to investigate the scandal. James later committed suicide in 2008 when he was suspected to have been involved in several malicious attacks on the systems of high-profile firms; his story is perhaps the most tragic.

Kevin Mitnick

When talking about “the most wanted computer criminal in the history of the United States,” one name pops up: Kevin Mitnick, and no one can begrudge him the tag. In fact, his story went so wild that it inspired the “Track Down” movie. What exactly did Kevin do?

Kevin first staged a hack into the network belonging to the Digital Equipment Corporation. As a result, he was imprisoned for a year before being granted a supervised release of three years. However, he went undercover just before completing the period. He would then go on a hacking spree for more than two years, managing to breach the national defence warning system. Eventually, he was arrested and imprisoned for 5 years. Today, he runs a successful firm by the name Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC. People change for the better, and Kevin definitely didt.