Breaking into another person’s zone is easy in the web world. The internet, which is now seen as the safest information storage at face value, is just but a puppet in the hands of a clique of computer whiz kids. These geniuses have the ability to discover system vulnerabilities, leading to the creation of free-for-all web. Known by many names, including cyber criminals, crackers, hackers, cyber pirates, and villains, these people send a virus into any system in order to access the information they want. Here are the two of the most notorious hackers ever to grace the internet realm.

Gary McKinnon

This is perhaps the most curious hacker of his time, and his ability to access the NASA and the U.S. military information hubs says it all. 97 computers were affected as he installed a virus and deleted files in the devices. He perpetrated the intrusion from a house of his lover’s aunt somewhere in London. As if hacking the military and NASA systems were not enough, Gary proceeded to hold the network of the U.S. military in Washington at ransom for a whole day- he must have been a curious child indeed. The 24-hour long shutdown affected approximately 2000 computer systems, and this became the biggest military system hack scandal the world had ever witnessed. However, as they say, “curiosity killed the cat,” and surely, it killed Gary McKinnon. He was later arrested and pronounced guilty.

Adrian Lamo

Having switcКартинки по запросу Adrian Lamohed careers, Adrian Lamo seems to have realized his potential long before anyone else did. He amazingly hacked Google, Yahoo, The New York Times, and Microsoft, treating the entire world to a complete shock. His arrest was not enough to stop him from being honoured as the American Threat Analyst. Together with Bradley Manning, Adrian Lamo was suspected for Wikileaks. Although his partner in crime was apprehended, Adrian went undercover or should we say hiding. Truly, this man was a master of the art.