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[ 05-05-01 ] Todays Newz    "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Well we're back to normal, and the first full broadcast after Mekka went nice and smoothly. Hoepfully the next show will be streamed at 2 bitrates - a lot of people have asked for this, so we shall provide! This show also sees the first of the CFXWeb partnership. From now on, CFXWeb will be providing us with news & info from the coding side of the scene. They have their own page here on the HaVoK for every show, and you can find todays page right here, or it's linked on the archive page here. We also had Stef of Cryonics live on the show via our Netmeeting hub, something we will be doing a lot more of in the following shows! If you missed the live show (why!), grab the archives and enjoy!


[ 03-05-01 ] Todays Newz    "Putting some more stuff on..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Another quick bit of news for you all. The HaVoK is now an official mirror of the Hugi website! You don't know what Hugi is? Damn! Click here quick, then! Anyways, next show is in 2 days time, we've got lots of ideas and news to tell you, so don't forget to tune in. Oh, and ofcoz, if you're a scener and you need some help with organising/hosting/publicity etc, contact us right now - we can help!


[ 25-04-01 ] Todays Newz    "Screwed it up again..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Just a short news item today. For everyone that tried to download the Ghandy & Zito interview from the last show archive, the link has now been fixed. Apologies for that, must have missed it in the rush! The streaming link did work ok though, so I guess it wasnt too much of a problem. Anyway, all fixed now, and in future if anyone spots a bad link, please email us so we can fix it! Thanks!


[ 22-04-01 ] Todays Newz    "All that luvverly bandwidth..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Well, 2 great bits of news to report today. Firstly, we hit a record number of listeners on yesterday's show - 38 people tuned in, and even more keep asking for the archived broadcast! Thats great news, so a big thank you to all the people who helped make this radio show great, and to all our listeners who support us! Secondly, I'm pleased to announce that the archives will be back online shortly! With much respect to our very own technical dude Allodox, we now have plenty of webspace and bandwidth to serve the shows on demand. It's all good here at the HaVoK! Finally we've recieved another offer to redesign our website, so expect great things coming soon! Anyway, thats all the news I have for now, I'm off to get those archives back online :)


[ 20-04-01 ] Todays Newz    "We all up in this..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- I've just received the bulk of the MS party reports from our super kewl management, and I'm pleased to announce that after a 3 week delay, the next show will be on Saturday! We will be removing the normal show content (scene news, tech news etc) just for this show, so there will be no delay in bringing the news :) Oh, one thing - Makke has a short religious experience this week. Listen out for it at the end of the show :)


[ 05-04-01 ] Todays Newz    "Don't you just love honesty..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Well, here's a turn up for the books. After the 17-03-01 show, Yes of Orange Juice/Nectarine Radio contacted me, and proposed a cross-over of the 2 scene radio stations - The HaVoK & Nectarine. I told him I was interested, and I would discuss it with the rest of the HaVoK management. I was then unable to contact him for a week or 2. Meantime, Yes gets in contact with Clary, and after an interesting conversation, informs her that he will be running a news show on his own! Well, Yes, I have the logs of that conversation, and I guess we will see what happens. But it's always good to know that scene friendship rules. Remember, there is only one LIVE scene radio show! A brief message to Yes - we know why you backed out, I would suggest you email or /msg me. The HaVoK will always be here :) [ HaVoK - Since 1992 ]


[ 18-03-01 ] Todays Newz    "Rock you over make the building shake..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Our first show on the new uplink, and it went great! Ok, we had a minor delay while Allodox booted the server, but aside from that we had a truly skip-free, mofo-smooth broadcast! dRiFT & Randal provided the usual hardware-breaking fun, and we achieved yet another world first - we spoke live on the air to Makke in Sweden and Allodox in the Netherlands! We also announced our partnership with Modplug radio, and hinted at much more to come. The show went really well, even though we didn't really have a clue what we wanted to talk about. Gotta fix that. Unbelievably, we're actually starting to sound professional! Keep coming back guys, we're gonna get bigger and better!


[ 10-03-01 ] Todays Newz    "I'm sorry mz jackass..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- GREAT NEWS! Yes, we have some amazing news. The HaVoK is no longer using the commercial Live365 servers that gave us so much trouble! With much thanks to Allodox, our resident ISprovider guy, we now have a sexy 100meg uplink in the Netherlands! We've spent the last week configuring & setting up the server & stream configurations, and it all works wonders now. We can GARANTEE that there are no source streaming problems, so if you have problems listening in (mainly modem users), click here for instructions to increase your buffer size! No more adverts, no commercials, just pure scene. Allodox - you da man :P


[ 04-03-01 ] Todays Newz    "I'm sorry mizz jackson..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Wow, I've been really bad with the website updates. 2 reasons for that, firstly Exo Design will be re-designing the pages, and secondly I've been farrrr too busy! But, we've had plenty of good news. We've been asked for a partnership with another radio station, there will be more news on that soon, and we have also been offered one mofo amount of bandwidth & advertising to improve the station. So, things are looking really good! Go listen to yesterdays broadcast, if you didn't manage to catch it live (why? you don't know what you're missing!), and keep checking back here for the latest news! Thanks for your support, guys!


[ 19-02-01 ] Todays Newz    "I'm sorry mizz jackson..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- 4th show over, and the station is really taking off. We had a nice high listener count through the whole show (even after the show finished!), and generally the opinion is all our technical problems have been solved. However we're still working on fixing Zirjin's cat pressing the STOP button :) Message to spacecake: I got your /msg, sorry I wasn't around! Drop me an email, and that goes for everyone else too - the link is on the left. Finally, I'm looking for opinions and ideas. The interview with Vention was a real ground-breaker, and I want to do more of the same. All suggestions welcome!


[ 05-02-01 ] Todays Newz    "Slippin through the fog..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Well the dNT show was a great sucess, and the feedback has been really good. I think we're finding our spot :) Anyway, just a little bit of news to say the archives are now 100% online, with the full broadcast downloadable as RealAudio and MP3. I really recommend you listen to Adok's "Demoscene Style" section, he's got some important things to say. Thats why it's available as a seperate download! Ok guys, send us mail with your ideas & feedback!



[ 26-01-01 ] Todays Newz    "Nate Dogg & Warren G have to regulate..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- We're building up to the next show now, and we're going to bring you the greatest ever Scene Quiz. Crammed full of Amiga, PC, Scene, Hardware & Software questions, you'll have to listen in live & get on our private IRC servers to take part! Keep your eyes on the site, because you don't want to miss out on this one :) More information will be available here, & publicised on CFXWeb & OJuice next week!


[ 21-01-01 ] Todays Newz    "We got 5 on it..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Well the long awaited second show is over, and the feedback was good. People seem to be really happy with what we do, despite the technical difficulties we've been having. Those will be sorted out soon tho! Apologies to everyone who tried to download the Adok Scene News slot last night, the upload was corrupt. Thanks to Solorize for pointing that out to me - its all fixed now! Ok guys, keep checking the website, and give us your news & views - we'll be back in 2 weeks as the old dNT amiga team reunites to bring you one crazy-ass show :)


[ 19-01-01 ] Todays Newz    "Back once again with the renegade masta..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- As promised, and by public demand, we'll be back again! Some extra special features this week - not only do we have dRiFT & Randal in the studio, we've got a webcam & phone-in center for you to leave your messages! Only a short news item, as I'm still working on the setup for tomorrow - lots to do :) Can't let any secrets out yet, but you can expect all the usual high-quality information, and a return by our favourite europeans - Makke, Clary & Fury! Speak to you soon ;)


[ 13-01-01 ] Todays Newz    "This is how we do it!."
Entry by -dEF bASE- It's all over! The first broadcast has been sent, and the feedback so far has been really great. This is only a short news item, just while I upload the broadcasts to the archives, so if you missed the show then check it out here. Remember, the archives only contain the actual slots, they don't have the music or jingles with them - for the full atmosphere tune in live! See you all next week, when dRiFT & Randal will be joining me in the studio!


[ 07-01-01 ] Todays Newz    "Mama, who da man?..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- We've completed our sucessful tests, and thanks to East all the levels are set, my mixer doesn't work, and we're ready to screw up our first broadcast! Ofcoz, we need more Personal & Group news, so email it to us here. More submissions & slots are coming in, but we need many, many more! Some crazy advertising should help a bit :) Want to speak to us? Come to Efnet #havokradio, and we'll be there (at least until some lamah takes it over ;) More partners arriving soon, keep looking at the links on the right hand side, and check The Scene link on the left to see the latest sites we're hosting. If you're a scener, and want somewhere to host your site, then contact us.


[ 03-01-01 ] Todays Newz    "No diggity, no doubt..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- HNY 2k1! And, uhoh, first hitch in the proceedings. I just lost my laptops hd. Completely dead. Thats not good. But, your faithful sysop remembered the first rule of Windoze - back everything up. Twice. So I've been rebuilding for the last 2 days, and you'll be happy to know we're pretty much up and working. Other good news, I now have a second laptop to do the processing for the station on. This means more lame sound effects, and less lame post-production! It also means a pile of cables, & I have no idea where they all go. Portable, my ass! Oh, also we are pleased to announce our support for the Scenester project. The Gaffer will be here to tell you more!


[ 22-12-00 ] Todays Newz    "I wonder if Heaven's got a Ghetto..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Well it's more good news. I have the pleasure of announcing that Hugi Scenemag has pledged their support to us! A link will be appearing to your right shortly. So, many thanks to Adok for the news item! If you've come here because of the article - thanks! As above, the first broadcast will be 13-01-2001. If you want to get on the show and have your say, then click the Submit link on the left, over there. Yep. That one! It's a Scene radio station, so we kinda need sceners on here, no? ;)  Other news, my leased line has turned into a no-holds barred joke - I got an application for a dialup account in the post yesterday. Whaaaaa... One swift call l8r and it was sorted. Makes me wonder about what I have to look forward to!


[ 18-12-00 ] Todays Newz    "If it aint about you, it don't apply - let it fly..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Ok the domain is registered, the crew is briefed and we're getting ready for January. I'm working on the delivery system right now, whilst the faithful scene heroes are sorting their broadcasts. I was canvassing for more contributions yesterday, when I spoke to a certain guy on IRC. He seemed the right guy for the part I had in mind, but he wouldn't do it. Personal reasons meant he wanted payment. Shame, but I know he's come back to check out how it's going. We'll try and turn the scene back to how it used to be - free and for enjoyment, never for profit.


[ 10-12-00 ] Todays Newz    "Izzy wizzy lets get busy..."
Entry by -dEF bASE- Loads to report today! Just getting the basic page up and designed - seems to be going pretty well. My leased line installation has been delayed until Jan 5th, even tho' I was promised it before Xmas! Oh well, at the least the go-live date for the station can be set. I'll be doing that soon. Getting more submissions for slots on the station - click the Email link to contact us and get on the air! Meantimes, just hold on and keep checkin back to the page!






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