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The HaVoK is not just a radio station. It's here for the scene as a whole. We provide hosting services for all aspects of the scene, from individual guys, to groups and parties.

If you're a scener and you're looking for somewhere to host your site, or for your group/party to live, then the HaVoK's huge resources are here for you. In this case, our unlimited webspace and mailservers may be of help. Not to mention our free page stats service. And so much more... =)

The HaVoK hosts the following pages:

Hugi - The Demoscene Diskmag. The HaVoK hosts a mirror of the entire Hugi site!

Hugi DiskMag #22 - Download it from the official mirror here

RNO - Rave Network Overscan Amiga group. The HaVoK hosts the official RNO site!

SCN - Scandalism, part of RNO. The HaVoK hosts the official SCN site!

The HaVoK's Music reviews, by LouK^XmAs - [Page 1]  [Page2]   [Page 3]  [Older Reviews]











eXo Design

LESS Music Productions News Portal


CFXWeb - Demo & Game Development

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Sulphurs GBA Development



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"Havok", "tha HaVoK", "HVK", "sMiLe" and all associated symbols, graphics & icons are trademarked by their common usage since 1992.

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