Although the internet is one of the best inventions with many upsides, it comes with downsides (which is actually normal with many good things) as well. However, the major problem is that many internet users are not aware of these downsides, making it easy for hackers to intrude and accomplish their mission. Now, hacking can be applicable in achieving both good and bad purposes. And yes, we say good because you can use it to scan your system for flaws or vulnerability and take action- fortify your security. However, hacking tools are recognised by hackers for the bad purpose: gaining unauthorised access into systems. Today, we explore some of these tools as shown below:

Cain & Abel

SurprisedКартинки по запросу Cain & Abel? Don’t. We’re not talking about the Biblical story of how Cain murdered Abel- we’re on hacking here. Cain & Abel is a hacking tool, as well as password recovery software. It uses the dictionary method or any other brute force technique to crack data encryption. People also use it in recovering keys for wireless networks and recording VoIP conversations.

Angry IP Scanner

The IP address of your device is a potential avenue for hackers as it can be used to facilitate their access into your data. It can also be used in tracking people. Also known as ipscan, Angry IP Scanner is a cross-platform hacking tool regarded as one of the most efficient in the circles of hacking. Many system engineers and network administrators are on record for using this software.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a hacking tool full of both interface and distribution features. It registered its presence in the market in 2015, and it also exists in the form of Kali Linux 2.0, which is known to be very efficient. The tool is security-focused in nature, and it can be ran off a USB drive or a CD. Its security toolkit helps in creating fake networks, testing networks for vulnerabilities, and cracking Wi-Fi passwords.