Passwords are perhaps the most vulnerable target when it comes to cyber threats, but becoming a powerful password hacker is an uphill task. You need lots of skills. Although there are many free tutorials that can help you to acquire the skills online, you will still need some of the best password hacking tools to have the job done.

A hacking tool refers to any software used to gain access into a computer program without permission. Wondering about the best software to hack passwords? In this content, we have compiled a list of the most popular tools to make your work as a hacker much easier. You can use these tools (usually known as password recovery tools) to recover or crack passwords in one of the following two ways:

  • Removal of the existing password (you have to bypass the encrypted data)
  • Discovery of the existing password


A free password hacking software, Ophcrack can be used to run various operating systems, including Windows OS, Mac OS X, and Linux or Unix. It analyses passwords using real-time graphs. With this software, cracking both LM and NTLM hashes becomes a walk in the park.


This software uses OpenCL to crack CPUs and GPUs. A well documented tool, Hashcrack runs on both AMD and NVDIA devices.


This tool is used to crack hashes through generation of rainbow tables. It is effective for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Linux operating systems, and it is compatible with both Command Line Interface and Graphical User Interface.

BrutusКартинки по запросу Brutus

Brutus is a free password cracker tool that is very popular. Its popularity rests on its solid features, such as high speed, flexibility, ability to operate remotely, and the ability to run on multiple operating systems (Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows NT, etc.). Initially, this software was meant for analysing routers and other network devices for common passwords.